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Alexei Lubimov + Calidore String Quartet Performing Haydn, Zagny, Karmanov May 30, 2019

Baryshnikov Arts Center Presents

Alexei Lubimov + Calidore String Quartet

Performing Haydn, Zagny, Karmanov

May 30, 2019

Baryshnikov Arts Center, New York
Alexei Lubimov + Calidore String Quartet
Performing Haydn, Sergei Zagny, Pavel Karmanov
May 30, 2019. Program: J. Haydn: String Quartet op. 20 no. 2 (1772), Sergei Zagny: Keyboard Music of XVII-XVIII Centuries for organ, composed or possibly heard by Sergei Zagny (2017) (World Premiere), Pavel Karmanov: I Made My Home for narrator, piano, string quartet, bass, and tape (2017) (U.S. Premiere). The premieres by Sergei Zagny and Pavel Karmanov were commissioned through BAC’s inaugural Cage Cunningham Fellowship

Esteemed pianist and BAC’s inaugural Cage Cunningham Fellow Alexei Lubimov premieres works he commissioned from accomplished Russian composers Pavel Karmanov and Sergei Zagny. Lubimov, one of today’s most versatile keyboard artists, plays organ in Zagny’s nod to baroque music. In Karmanov’s ethereal I Made My Home, he plays prepared piano and is joined by bass player Logan Coale and the award-winning Calidore String Quartet, who opens the concert with one of the groundbreaking Haydn opus 20 quartets.

"Lubimov owns every exquisitely calibrated nuance." - BBC Music

“Four more individual musicians are unimaginable, yet these speak, breathe, think and feel as one" - The Washington Post on Calidore String Quartet

Leadership support for music programming provided by the Thompson Family Foundation

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